Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Slow Motion woke up today at 6.30 (too early). We went to the cockpit and had some oatmeal. As we do after every meal, we cleaned up. Luckily we were already at the Baths because we traveled there overnight. We took a dinghy to the shore of the Baths. For some background, the baths are where the slaves during the slave trade stopped to wash. We swam from the dingy onto land with a perfect white beach. There was a rock to climb up so you can jump into the water from about 10 feet. There are paths around the area that lead through rocks into new beautiful areas. We stayed at the Baths for about two hours. After, we came back to the boat for an excellent first “hibby” shower. We used the fresh water for the first time and our Hibiclens. We dressed in clothes that were respectful for our stop at Spanish Town. As we got off the boat, we got our phones and shoes back which felt odd after four days. At the port, we got restaurant food, stopped at the market for snacks and found some shops. My favorite addition to Slow Motion is the new human-sized green blow-up gummy bear, bought by Lilly, Chess and myself. From the port, we came to Mountain Point for some snorkeling to prep for our first-night dive! During the snorkeling, we saw a three-foot barracuda! We enjoyed some beef stroganoff and leftovers for dinner. We, of course, followed with cleaning. We are about to do squeeze and a night dive. I am very excited and scared for my first-night dive. So far, this has been my favorite day!