Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we went to The Baths. We got time to explore and even got to jump off a rock! After surprisingly avoiding a single Jellyfish sting, we all went to Spanishtown. Hurricane Irma blew through Spanishtown so it was very humbling to see all of the damaged boats and realize how lucky we all are to be here at ActionQuest. However, it was also amazing to see how much work the locals had put into rebuilding it. We all got yummy lunches paired perfectly with ice cold water! After exploring Spanishtown, it was back onboard for us as we sailed out of the harbor. Once onboard, the Vegas practiced man overboard drills while the divemasters completed two more chapters in the manual. Tonight, we are having one of our boat’s favorite dinners, chili, and rice. I can’t wait to start rotation day tomorrow with all of my boat mates!