Location: Great Harbor, Jost van Dyke

After waking up around 7 am, we quickly set sail from Muskmelon Bay to Brewers Bay. When we arrived at Shark Point, we splashed in our dive gear for the first dive of the day. The Dolphins worked underwater on their project while the Neptunes did their final training dive for their boat diver specialty. We saw a sea turtle along with a juvenile trunkfish, 6 tarpons, and a spotted drum. After taking a quick break, we went on our second dive of the day. Dolphins completed an underwater digital photo dive and the Neptunes did a fun dive. After diving, we had soup for lunch. While the Dolphins went turtle tagging, the Neptunes had a lecture about dive equipment. We had a relay race to see which team could set up dive gear the fastest. While the Neptunes waited for the Dolphins to return, we played cards. When they got back, we all took saltwater showers in the rain. Then we motored from Shark Point to Jost Van Dyke where we had a Thanksgiving dinner. We ate stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken, and green bean casserole. After we did the squeeze and all said what we are thankful for. Now we are playing more cards while Jimmy and Tara make chocolate fondue. Later, we are going to Happy Our for a Lifeworks forum. Overall, today was a great day!