Location: Marina Cay

Today we woke up and ate a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs and fruit. After we cleared the dishes and set up our dive gear we sailed to the Dogs. We arrived and jumped in for a dive. Today was an interesting dive because we saw our first shark. It was a four foot long nurse shark. It was also sleeping with its head in a hole because when we came to it, it was in the same position. Then we put on our PFD’s and sailed our to Trellis. Once we docked we changed our sheets and pillow cases with clean ones and then went to shore. I was SO ready for the ride there on Big Blue, the largest and fastest of the dinghies. Once in Big Blue, Kris started the engine and we were off. We started slow and then went fast! So fast, every time we hit a wave I literally hopped up two feet. We got to shore and immediately I remembered from my previous year with Action Quest that there are computers on this island so I rushed over and got on facebook and then me and my hombre, Harry, went to eat. Then we walked around and went back to Big Blue and drove back to Odyssea. Then we went to Marina Cay and listened to “the tape.”