Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning we woke up to songs from Alisa’s sick playlist, motivating us to get out of bed at only 7:00 am. After finishing our breakfast of bagels and yogurt, some shipmates worked on their rescue diver workbooks. Ali and I helped motor over to GHP while listening to pirate stories and original pollution songs by Oscar and Davis. During the sail, we had a lecture on Emergency First Response where we learned all about AB-CABS and Secondary Care. After the long but exciting sail to GHP, we ate a quick lunch of sandwiched and set up our dive gear for our second search and recovery dive. Today we used the expanding square pattern to locate a 10 lb dumbbell and then bring it to the surface with a lift bag. While Davis fixed our compressor, Oscar took us on joy rides in our dinghy, Pointy Burbon, and Hannah helped us make Turks head anklets. We then got to go on another dive on the RMS Rhone anchor. Next up was shower time which means swimming around with Pelegrino for an hour and then finally putting soap on before dinner. Tonight was taco night which ended with a dance party to clean up! What a day!