Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today began with waking up at 6:30 am to our rockin’ morning tunes. After that, I helped Cat and Justin sail to Salt Island where we dove the Rhone wreck. During the ride, Cat showed off her gnarly bubble blower. We descended right above the old mail ship and then ventured through a swim through guarded by a barracuda. Luckily, he let us pass without any trouble. The rest of the dive went as swiftly as the beginning. We saw trumpetfish, parrotfish, four-eye butterflyfish and many more. It was so cool seeing how all the animals and plants adapted to their new sanctuary. At the end, we completed a safety stop and then cruised on over to Salt Island for a hike with a million dollar view. While on Salt Island, we saw the cemetery where the deceased passengers of the RMS Rhone now lie. At the end of the hike, Cat hosted a quick dance party to the song “Tropics” (it is kind of our theme song). To top off the best day ever, we had a night dive. There were a ton of stingrays and tiny fish. We turned our lights off for 3 minutes and were consumed in the darkness. We then ended the dive with a feisty game of ninja and are now awaiting Cat’s famous brownies… the perfect way to end the best day ever.