Location: Road Harbor, Tortola

This morning we started with a warm and yummy breakfast of eggs and blueberry muffins. After breakfast, we learned about the engine and then had some time on shore to have lunch and buy snacks. We then had a Minerva sail chat about our passage and how to use charts. Afterward, the crew of Wind Shadow played some team building games like Human Knot and Vortex. It began to rain, so we ran to the cover of the boat to pay Mafia. After some rounds, it was time for dinner, which was pasta & alfredo sauce. For the night, we stayed at the Moorings dock in order to finish up some final preparations before we leave for the Leeward Islands. Also at night, we have a sail chat. Tomorrow we are planning for an early departure to Savanna Bay. Today was perfect for relaxing before we head off on our own big adventure! : )