Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Last night we had the most rain we’ve had so far so we all had to sleep in the blue lagoon. It rained until about 12 noon today which I guess wasn’t the best situation but we managed to work with the rain. Since we had a good lay in the morning, which was quite nice, we set off about 11 am due to the wind and rain. As we sailed the boat was hard to steer and it was tilting up and down. We managed to lose a towel in the process which blew off the lifelines. We then finally got to Leverick Bay, which is where there was a small village where we got to catch up with family and friends. We also had a chance to buy stuff from the supermarket. We ended up with many snacks. Dinner tonight will be great as we get to dive into good veggie burgers which are being cooked by Max. Let’s hope they don’t end up burnt. Looking forward to a great day tomorrow.