Location: Marina Cay

Hello, internet! It’s day nine here on the good ship Laurasia, and everyone is fully accustomed to the AQ life. After an action-packed day of sailing and diving, Jakob and Eliza, our chefs today, are preparing dinner. Charlotte, Kiera, Tiago, and Brock all completed their second open water dive today, while Leo, Alonso, Jakob, Teddy, and Eliza finished their boat diver specialty. Nell and Helena have almost finished their EFR training, and they got to explore the caves and inlets of Great Dog today on a snorkel. We’ve spent the past nine days seeing places like Tortola, Ginger Island, Virgin Gorda, and Prickly Pear Island, and even got to spend a night on the island of Anegada. There have been many dives and snorkels, as well as sailing on boats big and small. Our crew is coming together, and we’re excited to see what the last week of the trip holds!