Location: West End, Tortola

I can’t believe how fast this session has flown by. It feels as though just yesterday we were welcoming students onto Great White on the first day of program. Since day one, everyone has learned and grown so much. Our Neptune students have just received their advanced certifications, along with a slew of new specialties including wreck, night and equipment. Two of our Neptune shipmates, Parker and Hannah are absolutely rocking it on every single dive. Whether it’s night diving, wreck diving or fish ID dives, they put in 100% and their effort shows. Rose and McKenna loved going out in our dingy “Aggressive” to water ski and wakeboard. I have never seen two happier people in my life, especially when Rose got up on monoksi and McKenna got up on the wakeboard despite the rocky seas! The dynamic duo, Drew and Jackson, have been diving wrecks like absolute pro’s. Not only have they swam through some of the coolest wrecks in the sea, they have also encountered some of the biggest stingrays I have ever seen in my life. Margaux has been diving like a professional, but she especially shine brightly when she is on the helm of Great White. On sail day, Margaux, Rose, Sydnei and McKenna ran the entire boat to out near victory. On our dolphin program, students have just presented their final project’s findings in front of all of the dolphin students! They all did so well! Dylan, Greg and JC presented their dolphin project about benthic coverage and dissolved oxygen focusing on hard vs soft corals. Greg also found his new appreciation for the media team during his incredible time on the boat Ada! Sydnei, Maddie, and Tanner presented theirs over shrimp and anemone species counts and correlations. Also, a big congratulations to Sydnei for reaching her 50th dive! As you can see, so much has been accomplished in such a short amount of time. It feels as though we have been here for months, but these three weeks flew by, that’s the ActionQuest effect. We are so lucky to have had such an incredible crew for these past three weeks, and we will be so sad to see them go. Thanks for an incredible session. -Cat