Location: West End, Tortola

As this session comes to a close, it is with heavy hearts we will have to say goodbye to our new Zourite family. Everyone has come together and grown exponentially over the past few weeks. Quin continues to sail and skipper like a professional and has shared his aspirations to own a sailboat with the crew. Ian has effortlessly led more open water dives than we can count. Oscar graces us with his scuba dive briefings in an impeccable German accent. Justin was thrilled today when he completed the challenging underwater equipment exchange. Alex has been taking charge of many of the boating operations. Boyd constantly keeps a smile on our faces and recently led Zourite to victory in two of our sailing races against the rest of the AQ fleet. Natalie led the group during a very successful rescue scenario. Sierra continues to amaze the crew with her incredible work ethic and go-do-it attitude. It has been a great session, and we all miss everyone dearly. We wish everyone safe travels home!