Location: West End, Tortola

And so session 2 on Return of the Macks comes to a close and we are so sad to see all of our shipmates leave! Its been an awesome 3 weeks with every shipmate, watching them grow as a team and excel in sailing, scuba diving, and all other water sports has been a gift! Congratulations to all our shipmates who passed their IYT crew certifications – seeing new sailors like Charlie and Carlo really got comfortable behind the helm and helped out wherever they could as the crew was great to see. The newly certified sailors really showed what they know when our race day helmsman team of Gabi, Carson, and Faith led us to Return of the Mack’s first ever first place finish during our big upwind race to Peter Island! All the shipmates are now also Open Water Divers! We were so happy to see shipmates like Farin, Victor, and Dianna get so comfortable in the water and really enjoy diving after all of their training dives and dive chats, they quickly became experts in exploring life under the water. We loved having Frances on board always ready to provide us with cool insights from her seemingly endless knowledge of different types of animals, such as lizards, birds, and fish! It was so great to have some extra information on all of the cool animals we were seeing on the trip. Sedona was always adding to the dynamic of the boat with her hilarious dinner conversations, she always seemed to find a way to make our time together as a group so much more enjoyable. It was great getting to know Jesse and Will and getting to watch them carve it up on the kneeboard during watersports days. We will miss all our shipmates so much and hope for the best future for all them; it’s been a lovely session!