Location: West End, Tortola

We have all had a great time the past three weeks sailing on High in the Breeze. Each day has been full of excitement, adventure and new challenges to conquer. From dancing the night away at beach BBQs to exploring coral reefs and shipwrecks underwater, we are all coming away from this experience with new skills, new friends, and a greater appreciation for life. As staff members, we are sad to see our students go but happy to see the smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes as they embrace for the final time. We can still remember the first day when everyone arrived, strangers in a foreign environment. As the last ferry pulled away this morning we couldn’t help but reflect on how far our crew has come over the past 21 days, and the unique personality that everyone brought to the table. Linnea was always there to lend a helping hand to anyone who needed it. Her work ethic and compassion for others was noticed and appreciated by everyone on board. Camryn keep everyone talking with his thoughtful questions and easy-going attitude that made him a friend to everyone he met both on our boat, and around the fleet. The diving that we did was a new experience for everyone on board and we bonded over the shared experiences it gave us. Coleman was always excited for going diving or about the dive he just did and it was rare to find him without a smile on his face and a story to tell. Devon was the first to jump at the opportunity to try a new diving or sailing skill and quickly became proficient in both. Portia was one of the leaders on board, making sure that things were running smoothly. She is incredibly thoughtful and was always making sure that everyone was included in activities. Maggie’s contagious smile was a constant and welcome treat to the whole crew. She has become a fantastic sailor and diver and brought her sense of calm to everything we did on board. Gage has further developed his passion for sailing and was often the first one to volunteer to steer the boat and jumped at each opportunity to hone his seamanship skills. John has gained incredible confidence both underwater and around the boat. He is incredibly intelligent and soaked up instruction like a sponge whether it be about sailing, diving, or watersports. Charlie’s positive disposition lightened everyone’s mood when he was around. Additionally, he always brought his A game and went all in on every task or activity he was involved in. Alexis’ charm will be missed on board and it is safe to say that during her time here she has made an impact on each person she has met. Alexis also has become a confident diver, sailor, and leader and was always generous with her knowledge, happy and willing to share it with her fellow shipmates patiently anytime. Margaret was often times at the center of fun activities we did throughout the trip. A friend to all, she helped everyone become more comfortable with her accepting and compassionate attitude. Miguel was always one of the first to pick up new skills as he learned them and quickly became known for his reliability and honesty. Miguel was never afraid of a challenge and his good-natured attitude made him well liked by all onboard High in the Breeze. It is truly rare for such a mature and good-natured group of young adults to come together in the way that these 12 shipmates have aboard High in the Breeze. They challenged each other to become better everyday and helped each other to overcome any challenge that stood in their way. We really can’t put into words how much fun we had doing all of this. Our days were filled with laughter and excitement from when we woke up until we settled down for bed. As the staff on board we thank all of you for being a part of this life-changing experience and hope to see all of these shipmates on board for more great times.