Location: West End, Tortola

As we start to wind down after what has been yet another fantastic day on the water its staggering to think that it was just three weeks ago that we all began our journey. Since then we have seen some amazing sights underwater, we’ve had some absolutely fantastic sailing, and forged friendships and memories that we’ll never forget. All in all, it has truly been a pleasure to witness and experience this amazing group of people come together over the past 21 days and we hope everyone has enjoyed this as much as we have.

Everyone has undertaken an action-packed program of diving, earning not only their PADI Advanced Open Water in the process but also a plethora of specialty certifications, across a wide array of the BVI’s most incredible dive sights.

Colin has been something of a dad-of-the-boat. Wherever and whenever you looked he has always seemed to be helping someone out with something, apart from between 7-7:30 am during which time he is almost impossible to wake up.

Jerry has had the answer to pretty much everything. And not only has he been a dispensary of a mind bending vast array of knowledge, but has always had a smile on his face and been willing to lend a hand.

Devin wowed us with his gastronomic prowess. Not only turning out boggling quantities of pancakes whenever the opportunity presented itself, but also introducing all of us to the wonder of grilled pineapple in molten chocolate. Ian (aka Captain Jack Sparrow) could always produce a laugh be it with his passion for a truly clean set of dishes during clean up or with his plans for launching a pirate campaign against any vessel within dinghy reach.

Max showed about as much tenacity as a has ever been displayed on a wakeboard and stomped the final breakfast round behind the super dinghy in Great Harbour Peter.

Jason kept us perpetually entertained with his truly moving dramatic representation of what it would look like to drink spicy water, and mustered a fish identification knowledge that would be the envy of many a marine biologist.

Mark brought his Canadian pride to the boat and never ceased to amaze with his kind, calm, and collected manner. Whether during sailing, diving, or meal times he has never ceased to bring the boat closer together.

Gwen: small yet mighty. Her confidence at the helm grew throughout, peaking with her taking the mantle of the Changes speed record at 11.1 knots. Kai proved to be a force to be reckoned with during Changes’ strong performance during the dive side race: if ever a jib has been winched open faster than this was then we’ve certainly not seen it.

Emilia was a force to be reckoned with at the helm. Bringing the boat on to the dock with ease, whilst elaborating on the intricacies of competitive horse riding all at the same time.

Supriya was always a good friend to everyone, available to braid hair at the drop of a hat, and super generous with her snacks. If she wasn’t smiling or laughing then it was probably because she was asleep, throughout it has been almost impossible to not be super stoked about everything when in her presence.

Eleana has been an absolute sweetheart. She’s always looking out for her fellow shipmates, and would readily rise to whatever was required regardless of how tired she or everyone else may have been.

Jackson always seemed to be a step ahead of the game, be that short lining a dinghy, offering support and encouragement to one and all, or making sure everyone was fed. What’s more, he proved to be a powerhouse with a wakeboard spending about as much time above the water as on it.

Changes, it’s been real. Thanks for everything.