Location: West End, Tortola

As the sun sets over Norman Island and Breakaway and the end of our journey together nears, the change from day one of the program is indescribable. We’ve changed from a group of strangers to a team of friends. New skills have been developed, honed, and mastered. There are new divers and sailors whom we hope spread their passions. There are a few favorite moments that we wanted to highlight. Jules wowed us all with his phenomenal wakeboarding skills. Tali, Nico, and Ethan lead us to a fourth-place finish in our first race with their expert helming. George got the highest score on the PADI exam and Asher got the highest score on the sailing exam, but we lucked out with an all-star team who did very well on their certifications and made our classes lively and entertaining. We were thrilled to have Grey’s humor and her constant willingness to lend a hand. During the open water dives, Mckenna proved fantastically comfortable in the water. Kat proved to be a great jib sheet handler and was a key teammate for racing. Ellie was a great cook and livened up our meals. Jack is always helpful and ready to grab a line whether you need a dinghy long lined or an anchor dropped. Liv proved an amazing Zest sailor and a great partner of Annie’s. Well, how diddly do, what a journey. We shared many a laugh, learned a basket of new skills, and most importantly we have memories that will last a lifetime!