Location: West End, Tortola

We, the team on Sans Souci, cannot believe that our time with the crew is up. It has been an amazing session, and every member is sad to see it come to a close. During this session, Caroline was our first Skipper of the day and her positivity and willingness to learn started our adventure off wonderfully. We took our first breaths underwater, and Rossi was a complete natural at scuba diving. We then began having Rotation Days, which are action filled days where we all rotate through different activities, such as scuba diving, sail training, dinghy sailing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, knot tying, and more. Sophia got up on the wakeboard for the first time, and she shared her passion for creativity with us by facilitating a group painting session. Rotation Days necessitated a lot of movement between boats, and Justin learned to drive the dinghy like a boss. In between rotation days, we sailed from Caribbean island to island, and during these sails the crew learned how to operate each part of the boat, eventually becoming independent sailors in time for the first race on day 17. Rebecca was skipper for the race day and Jenna, Ben, and Zion were skilled helmsmen who brought the boat to speeds up to 7 knots! Another arena in which the crew demonstrated their skill was the sandcastle competition, where June expertly created the vision and sculpted the adorable face of Theodore the Water Dragon. The crew worked so well together and produced such a masterpiece that Sans Souci won first place! Any time we had a small respite in between activities or after dinner, there was never a dull moment. Joe, who always had a smile on his face, revealed his goofiness more and more as the session went on. Taryn was always willing to lend a helping hand, whether it was braiding hair or catching a line, or sharing an animated story. Ashlyn shared with us her lightheartedness and positivity, as well as her beautiful calligraphy and passion for theatre. What a grand adventure it’s been, these 21 expeditionary days out here on the waves of the sea. Thank you, everyone on Sans Souci, for becoming so close. Thank you for your unexpected hugs and hours of laughter. Thank you for your growth and self-discovery. Thank you for being open and kind and ready to smile. Your smiles will be remembered here, at ActionQuest, long after you’ve returned to life on land. You’re a part of a grand tradition of sailors and pirates, seamen and woman, and travelers of the world’s oceans, who feel, deep in our hearts, the call of the waters and the wild. Thank you, dear friends, for a beautiful, exciting, and exorbitantly fun Sans Souci Session 1.