Location: West End, Tortola

Wow! What a truly amazing three weeks aboard the great ship Sambamba! So many fantastic adventures and life skills were fostered amongst the great crew. Seven of the crew earned advanced diving certifications and a wide array of specialties, while three of the others were introduced to the under water world, as they completed the open water program and are now certified divers. While earning these impressive qualifications, the crew developed a vast knowledge of chickens, power cats, super power cats, knee deep and suh dude. If you are any bit as confused as any of the other boats were, you will start to grasp the close-knit family aboard Sambamba. Madeline and Pietra have both excelled in their growing knowledge of sailing and are running the sailing operations like pros. On the long passages, Clayton kept morale sowing up with his interpretive dance moves. When the music wasn’t bumping, Alex C. and Dario had everyone rolling on the deck laughing. When the boat was moored up, Alex F. and Andrea lead the group in the best dives off the boat, including the infamous “redneck dive”. Amongst the chaotic production of inside jokes, Eli created a slew of boat terms derived from chickens and super power cats. Throughout all of the laughter, Lilahs laugh always rang clear to the group as they tried to progress her laugh into a haha chuckle. As the end of the session came about, race days were tackled head on by the fearless skipper, Joshua, who put his intelligence and words to action method of leadership to produce a very impressive volley for first place. Shona, Ruth and myself are incredibly proud of everyone onboard Sambamba for making memories that will last a lifetime, this was the best summer ever!