Location: West End, Tortola

We can’t believe that 20 days have come and gone and that it is time for our crew to return to their homes. The staff has agreed that we have never had a group of students who have meshed together so well, so fast. This group was one for the books! Everyone got along, everyone shared laughs, everyone earned certifications we could not be happier with the crew of Sailing Curls. We will miss Mo’s pancakes, Andrews DJing skill, Amos jokes, Juan’s dancing, Chases ability to fall asleep anywhere at any time… and everyone’s laughter. All of us arrived from different with different experiences and expectations and I think we were all blown away. We had 8 boys and 4 girls on board and in the beginning the girls were quite timid. But it only took a day before Bella flexed her biceps and showed all the boys how to raise a sail. Theresa told us all about her life in Canada. Leah and Natalie came on board as friends and really became the backbone of the entire boat to make it a family. Alex and Dave were the class clowns, trying to fish with only their laundry bags and a flashlight. Overall the boat was full of laughs! Nathaniel is the last skipper of the day and his question was “What was your favorite thing about AQ?” Not one of the students said the sailing or diving ” it was unanimous, it was the family that we grew into that made this summer unforgettable. We’ve been laughing, learning, sailing and diving for 20 days. None of us will forget this summer. Thank you Sailing Curls for an amazing session, we would love to have every student back next year.