Location: West End, Tortola

Wow! What an awesome three weeks it has been aboard Midnatt Solen! This session has flown by and we are so sad to see out wonderful shipmates leave tomorrow. These three weeks have been filled with many successes. We are so proud of our newly certified divers and IYT crew certificate holders. Most importantly, we are so proud of how close our crew has become and how much they have supported one another. We will all miss Simon’s unique sense of humor that kept is laughing. The boat won’t be they same with out Roky’s laughter or Robby’s dance moves. Bella’s kind and helpful spirit have helped to make Midnatt such a home, and we will certainly miss Phoebe’s endless excitement for dinghy driving. Midnatt would not have been the same without Mo and Jon’s song writing abilities, Savannah’s helpful attitude or Austin’s impeccable attention to detail. Today we raced, coming in second, with Zak, Ben and Jack at the helm. We would have not clenched the second place title without those guys working so hard on the helm. There hardworking spirit have made Midnatt such a fun vessel to sail. Can’t believe it has to come to and end but these three weeks have been so incredible. We as staff are so lucky to have gotten to know this group of students!