Location: West End, Tortola

As our second session of the summer comes to an end, the crew of La Bella Vita begins to reflect on the progress that we have made as a team over the past 21 days. Our students successfully finished their scuba diving courses and improved substantially on their abilities to sail a 50ft sailboat. The second half of the trip was filled with very many surprises, such as our very own Nacho finishing in the top 5 spots of the Mt. Sage Hike, a very, very tough thing to do. Felipe’s helming skills were shown during our first race of the session steering perfectly throughout. Giovanna’s passion for underwater life and marine biology came out as she dove more and more. As the dive days came to an end, Melissa showed her abilities as a diver and became certified as an advanced open water diver. Shortly after, the sailing practical examinations began, and Ethan, with his thorough knowledge of sailing and nautical skills, showed all of us why deserved to be in the advanced sailing program. Our second race of the session featured a 3-hour upwind sail with Ivor and Aaron at the helm, tacking up the Sir Francis Drake Channel and into Great Harbor. Matt and John’s fantastic cooking skills on Mexican Night kept the crew in a good mood heading into our last dive day on the RMS Rhone. That night, as always, Serena’s kindness and incredible tea brewing abilities allowed for the Bella Vitans to get through their last sail chat before the theory examinations. Of course, no sail would have been the same without sweet sweet, Lauren around. Always quiet and in a good mood, her ability to brighten up our day with her contagious little chuckle was essential for the crew. Finally, our ultimate team player Benji was always jumping up to the opportunity to help with anything on the boat, trying to make everyone’s life easier by helping out. It certainly is sad to see everyone go, the crew of Bella Vita session two will be missed!