Location: West End, Tortola

This group has grown leaps and bounds since day one of this voyage. They have grown as sailors, as divers, and most importantly close together as a boat family. As their instructors, we are so proud to see how far they’ve come. Where they once fell over each other with the sway of the boat raising the sail, Rachel now likes to lead the haul of the main sail with a strong voice. Thiago, Jackson and Harrison lead or team in the sailing race yesterday tacking, jibbing and helming like pros. Megan also loves to helm and has become so excellent at sailing terms she’s done a little instructing herself, reminding her shipmates which side of the boat is port and what a broad reach is. As for scuba, these guys look like a new group of divers from when they started. Lilly has become a master navigator, even helping me find the way back to the boat on one occasion! Lauren and Molly look like regular mermaids, with air consumption that’s out of this world. They are air hogs no longer! Ches has shown her shipmates what it means to be a true leader and how to lead by example, she is always one of the first to jump up and help if there is a task that needs completing. That goes for Phil and Casper as well. They always had good attitudes about everything and never failed to have hilarious one-liners that kept us all in stitches. Levi showed us all how to be happy in our own skin and to never let an opportunity to sing or dance pass us by. Cam taught us all to share our hearts by being a strong voice at squeezes and lifeworks forums. They all came together as a team that was more kind and more considerate then any group of teenagers I’ve ever witnessed. This is a very special group and I will be very sorry to see them go.