Location: West End, Tortola

I can’t believe it’s our last full day on the water! However, life on board continues as if we’ll be here forever. Two days ago we dove the RMS Rhone, and despite some rough swells, everyone had an awesome day! Going diving with Mara and Ryan proved to be so much fun, and we saw a yellow and black eel, huge grouper, and some sweet coral on top of one of the most famous wrecks in the Caribbean! Melissa, Maddie, and Logan went for an amazing snorkel instead, and got to play with a very friendly turtle! Paola, Melissa, Ryan, Maxim, Greg, Alex, and Lydia all did phenomenal on their sailing exams and aced their knots. Marissa, Maddie, Melissa, Mara, Lydia, Paola and I took some quality girl time on the bow last night while the boys jammed down below. After, our family got back together for movie night on deck watching Happy Feet. Last night we had a special evening program that’s an AQ tradition and takes place on all AQ trips going on around the world. I hope everyone enjoyed it and cherished it as much as I do. It is always a great way to end the trip. It’s been a pleasure meeting and sailing with everyone on board the Prosecutor. It’s been a wonderful three weeks, and I’m excited that everyone was able to succeed with what they put their minds to.