Location: West End, Tortola

It’s hard to believe that just twenty days ago what is now our tight-knit Spindrift family were fourteen strangers from all different points of the world. We all came here with just one thing in common, the quest for adventure. We now prepare to leave here having changed each others lives permanently for the better. From the delirious ‘slap happy late nights to the sluggish early mornings, it has been quite the experience and privilege being able to see each and every one of our shipmates personalities in all different lights. Our shipmates have not only learned how to SCUBA dive or sail a 51.5 ft sailboat on their own but also how to live harmoniously in close quarters with 13 other people. They have learned how to take responsibility for their personal items, how to communicate and motivate each other to accomplish the days task and also how to live in the moment and soak it all in. Alyssa- Thank you for always keeping things interesting and letting us know what is really on your mind. Stephen- Thank you for always keeping us thinking by posing your thoughtful questions. Tim and Gabe- Thank you guys for always making sure the lines were looking fresh on board, sails were trimmed just right and generally getting things done in a timely manner, especially during the races. Ori and Dani -Many thanks for keeping those smiles bright and infecting everyone else with those positive attitudes everyday. Avice- your hard work and ability to relate to people and motivate the crew in a positive way will most definitely be missed. Cameron- Many thanks for your willingness to learn and always be involved and for being our boats photographer. Mary- our sweet little southern bell, thank you for all your hard work and positivity even in the most demanding times. Derek and Cole- Thank you for your hilarious humor, sweet dance moves, awesome music and ability to share all your cookies and sweets you bought with the rest of us. You two always kept things light and cheery and will most definitely be missed. Jack and I can hardly believe how lucky we were in bringing together some of the most amazing people to form such an unbelievably tight little family. I’m so proud of every one you guys and all the effort that everyone put forth to make the most of such an unbelievable experience. We really were the best boat out there. Spindrift III for life!