Location: West End, Tortola

I can’t believe how quickly our time together as Sailing Curls is coming to a close. Although our boat may have many nicknames for one another, the thing that’s for sure the one that sticks best is family. Our past three weeks together have made the fifteen of us a team who work together in order to get the best experience out of our time in the BVI, and we couldn’t be more in denial as our trip starts to wrap up. For our 12 Vega students reward came in the form of the “Rhone” dive on Day 18 where they where finally diving as open water PADI divers. The visibility was the best of the summer and wildlife such as turtles, eagle rays, and an octopus joined our students to make the final dive that much more incredible. Some of our students even enjoyed some Mentos and Capri Suns down at 40 feet! In addition to scuba success, our Vega students also excelled in their IYT International Crew Certification practicals and theory exams. We are happy to announce our boat is host to 12 new IYT International Crew Certification holders. As if our final days couldn’t be filled with more adventure we’ve also shown off our skills in the first two races of program. Coming in first for the first race, there was a lot of pressure on Curls to perform equally well in our final sail of the summer. With all hands on deck we set off for the final race with an amazing start, which set us up for success. We are happy to announce we took another first place in our final sail of the summer, truly a great way to end the program! We’ve now started to reflect on all we’ve gained from these three weeks together. Once strangers, we now couldn’t imagine life before ActionQuest. Although everyone is sad to leave, they disembark with a newfound respect for the ocean and each other, profound scuba and sailing knowledge, and overall growth as an individual and team player.