Location: West End, Tortola

After 16 days of sailing and diving around the British Virgin Islands, we must say goodbye to our crew of 15 on Windscaris. We have learned to dive and explored the mysteries of the underwater realm as we navigated the crystal clear Caribbean sea. As we lived together on our 50-foot floating fortress we came together as a crew to broaden our horizons not only in or on the water but also in the soft skills, such as working as a team. Tomorrow brings a new day and we must sadly part ways back to our separate lives. It may take days, or even years to realize how the past 16 days has changed our lives forever. We certified advanced open water divers, open water divers, advanced sailors, and basic sailors. When we all arrived 16 days ago we all had varying mindsets about what the trip would yield. As we, the staff, sit and reflect on the trip we feel confident that this summer at ActionQuest will be with us forever.