Location: West End, Tortola

Breakaway has been cleaned and properly appreciated for the wonderful adventures she has given us. As the end of our journey together nears, the change from day one of program is indescribable. We’ve bonded and grown together from a group of strangers to a team of friends. New skills have been developed, honed, and mastered. There are new divers and sailors whom we hope to continue exploring and adventuring. There are a few favorite moments that we wanted to specifically highlight. Mikey, Reina, Madison, and Josh proved fantastic helmspeople during the final race where we came in second. Ruby and Maggie proved to be terrific at line handling and anchoring. Emma and Kennedy turned out to be stellar dingy drivers. Raphaelle mastered the Zests, and Ivy and Hayden were always a blast to go diving with! Well, what a journey. We shared many a laugh, learned a basket of new skills, and most importantly we have memories that will last a lifetime!