Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

I can’t believe it’s already day 10! My how it’s flown by! The diving is coming along great, and most of the shipmates have moved out of confined water and into open water. Down at 30 feet today at Mountain Point, Maxim, Alex, Ryan, and Greg instigated an all-out ninja fight. Boy were the bubbles flying! They’ve proven how comfortable they are in the water. Later, Mara, Melissa, Paola, Marissa, and I saw a lobster, a barracuda, a squirrel fish, and tooooons of coral! Logan has been mastering his no mask clear and is making great progress with his diving skills. Lydia can’t seem to get enough of diving, and I can’t seem to fill her quest for knowledge about it; her passion is contagious. Jordan is almost done with his advanced certification and even went on a night dive last night. The boat as a whole is getting along pretty well. We’re still coming together as a team; however, I’m confident we’ll be a unified crew by the end of this trip. All of the Prosecutor is learning that it takes teamwork to make the ship run smoothly. Aaron, Eli, and I have been working hard to share as much of their knowledge with the shipmates as possible. Ryan and Greg have shown a great interest in sailing and have demonstrated their skills on the helm.

Meanwhile, while Maddie waits for the all clear to dive again, she has ensured that we’ve made many friends on other boats! You can be sure all of side A is getting along fantastically! Can’t wait to see what memories can be made in the next ten days!