Location: West End, Tortola

Ahoy! These past three weeks flew by! We had the most exhilarating and fantastic journey with all of our shipmates on Happy Our. Each and every one of them has grown exponentially as divers, sailors and people. It has been an honor and a privilege to be a part of their growth. They all started out a little quiet with Avery and Jake drawing everyone slowly out of their shells. Greta was a star skipper and was the helmsman for our own personal victory in the dive side sail race on Day 19. Chase, Scarlett, Leah and Alexa did an awesome job on their research project on sponges and presented their project for the other Dolphin students. We will surely miss Casper’s skills in the galley and Maggie’s yummy chocolate chip cookies. Natalie did an epic job during her wreck dives and Emma got to see her favorite animal, a shark, up close and personal under a ledge. Jumping on the trampoline was clearly a favorite activity throughout the session and Haley was an all-star jumper. Up in the power tower, we were usually joined by Joseph who fine-tuned his sailing skills and put them to work during the sail race! We will miss all of our shipmates so much!