Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up at 5:30! Everyone was very tired, but after breakfast, we were energized and ready for a day of fun. First, we headed to The Baths to jump off the rocks and spend time with the other boats. To get to the rocks from the beach we followed a path full of climbing and swimming. When we arrived at the final jumping rock everyone pulled out their cameras and prepared to jump. Those who wanted more of a thrill tried new tricks like front and back flips. Sadly the adventure had to come to an end so we would have enough time in Spanishtown. We sailed into Spanishtown around noon, then received our phones to call friends and family. For lunch, we walked to a local restaurant for sandwiches and smoothies. The food was delicious, but I left some room for dessert! After lunch, we went to get ice cream at another local shop. After relaxing on the boat for a little while, the other boats along with our boat headed to some of the shops that were affected by Hurricane Irma. They cleaned up debris while one of my friends on the boat and I finished up learning scuba some scuba skills. During the night we cooked Ramen and gave our friend Skye birthday Oreos. The day was action packed and we all had a blast!