Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today we realized how our staff Matt, Teddy, and Sam help us… whenever we have a problem we ask the staff and their answer is “sort it out.” The meaning of “S.I.O.” cannot be translated… I tried. It means something like “figure it out,” but in a better and friendlier way. We figured out, no wait, we sorted out that it was better for us because we began to think about how to do things by ourselves and how to solve problems by ourselves. We, because there is no such thing as a me anymore, have become very together and are now a “family.” We all share everything, which is hard, but we recently learned to share our stories and background, which has brought us all together. “We” is now “Us,” and “Us” is very happy. We are having a great time. We are all happy, we will sort it out.