Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today we woke up a bit later at around 7 am. For breakfast, we had delicious French toast while the staff had a meeting. Then, when they returned from their meeting to a beautifully cleaned boat, we were off to do some sail testing. Slowly but surely all of the Vegas and I completed our man overboard drills. We then stopped sailing in circles for a quick while to break for lunch. After lunch, we motored over to Sandy Spit for a dive at the Playgrounds. The Vegas went first and saw a black tipped reef shark and a Spanish Hogfish. Then the divemasters went and saw a GIANT sized grey angle fish. Additionally, during the DMs dive, Tanner wore his clothes because he had a balsamic vinegar stain to get out. After the dive, we sat down to a nice dinner of black beans and rice where Hannah attempted to teach me the points of sail song, and the whole boat discovered that I can’t clap fast and am tone deaf. After dinner, we cleaned up, went on a quick tank run, and then attended Lifeworks Forum.