Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

OMG six days left I can’t believe it. Things have gone by so fast. I have had an amazing time here. Sadly this is my last time as skipper, which is another marker on how fast the time has passed. Now for what has happened today. We woke up early, cooked, and ate some amazing oatmeal. Unfortunately, I missed the Picos, but I did do two back to back scuba dives AWESOME!!! That wrapped up my dive lessons. Then we sailed to Cane Garden Bay. I had the amazing privilege of docking the boat for refueling and filling water tanks. The crew is working like clockwork. We still need some fine tuning, but we are coming together. I am missing my friends and family, but I know that I will miss the friends that I have made here. So wrapping up the day we had some very good Thai food along with the question of the day “if you could have any position of power what would it be?” which most of the crew answered with being our onboard dive instructor Scuba Steve. Another response was Sam’s being “King of the Universe.” We can’t wait for tomorrow’s hike. It will be nice to walk around for a bit. So on that note, I am finishing my final log into this skipper’s blog. Day 14 has been lots of fun, and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.