Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today everyone woke up pretty tired, the midnight rainstorm waking everyone didn’t help with our sleep patterns! Our chefs made an amazing breakfast of maple and apple oatmeal. After we ate and cleaned our deck, we got ready to sail. We sailed from Vixen Point to Leverick Bay for a short shore excursion. They had a couple of shops, but we were focused on finding food! The food like many things in the Caribbean was a slow moving process so we opted for cold drinks instead. We went to the store and bought some boat snacks for later in the trip. We spent about an hour on shore then headed back to the boat. We then set sail again, this time for Mountain Point where we would anchor for several nights. We had some free time once at Mountain Point before dinner, so the staff set up a boom swing for us to swing off the vessel into the water. We got everyone to go off of it at least once! However, everyone’s highlight of the day was the Mexican food for dinner followed by cake!