Location: Antigua

Today started with eggs and lemon poppy seed muffins at 8:15. After clean up we went to a long sail chat. Then everyone got 3 or 4 hours of shore time most people got food while they got food Oliver K and I when to the fort. I went on a longer hike to pigeon beach but it was more of a hill not a beach. When everyone was back on the boat we saw Kris go to see what happen to the other boat’s jib that broke so we had to lift him up in a harness. After went to a hike to Shirley Heights which had a amazing view over the harbor. Which we had many of the staff pose for Josh from drinking coke looking like a sponsored picture to a classic look out on to the horizon. We took a taxi down to the boats as Kris prepared a BBQ for everyone. Which we saw saw a tarantula which turned out to be a crab in a hole by the BBQ. now we are on clean up finishing up the day to just start chilling out. PS I took a good bit of these photos. Signing Off Evan E.