Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

The day started very early at 6:30. Yesterday we hung out til 12 o’clock, so we were tired. We ate scrambled eggs and muffins, and the dishies had a hard time cleaning the pans. It was a rotation day, so we had different activities during the morning. Since I’m in the Carina program, and I’m the only one on this boat, I do different stuff while the Vegas are diving. So this time I’m going to write a little bit about what the Carina program in Mary J. did today. Today’s rotation was divided in three parts. In the first part the Vegas and Carinas went waterskiing and I did kneeboarding and impressed Jack (our captain). On our second rotation the Vegas went diving but Carinas (me) had nothing planned to do, so there were Picos, and I have been challenging Kat for a Pico race since almost the first day so we head to do a death match. So the race started very close but the shipmate (me) had about 7 meters of advantage. After going around the established boat, there were two ways to come back. So each of us got a different way, but the shipmate got the best way. So Kat got in a no- air zone and the unexpected shipmate won the race by five minutes! The shipmate was declared by Kat, the best sailor in the galaxy, the new best sailor in the galaxy. On the third rotation Vegas went Picoing and Carinas went diving in a 32 minute, 60 ft. dive, and made an underwater running race without fins. After a peanut butter and jelly sandwich we sailed to Sandy Spit, where we arrived and after a short rain went to this only sand island where we had an awesome BBQ and had the opportunity to hang out with other boats.