Location: Marina Cay

Today us Aeolians woke up to a beautiful sunrise with the lovely Moana soundtrack playing on the radio. After I got everyone up and at em we had a delicious breakfast with fruit and cereal and yogurt. Soon after we set sail to George Dog, where half the boat went snorkeling, including me, while the other half stayed back to make some quesadillas. During the snorkel, we saw some amazing creatures like baby puffer fish, jellyfish, octopi and elegant fish. When the snorkelers got back to the boat we had an amazing lunch and then went sailing. During our sail, we did man overboard drills. Ian, our captain, ordered the crew to throw Bob overboard (a fender with a bucket tied to it). The crew and I practiced doing figure 8s to pick up Bob as he floated casually in the waves. After we saved Bob what had to be 15-20 times we learned how to jibe- sending the mainsail across and back going downwind. Later the Aeolians trekked to Marina Cay to anchor for the nigh and refill our water supply. At night, we went to a Lifeworks chat with Mike the director, which really opens my eyes to how I perceive the world and the people around me. Stay up, stay humble- Will.