Location: The Bight, Norman Island

We woke up and were greeted with our sailing exam, which was so fun while our staff made us pancakes. After we ate our great breakfast we found out we had all passed! After we set sail to Road Town where we did some shopping and had lunch, and some went to get snacks. We all met back on Blue Tide and set sail once again as we jammed to all different songs until we made it to The Bight. Here we went swimming and listened to even more music. Then it rained for a little so we all hung out and bonded even more as a group, if that’s even possible, over common aspects and shared fun stories from back home giving a little taste of our lives back home. Now it’s dinner time and then we have a special activity tonight that we don’t know yet. Then we are going to do a prank which you might not hear about on the next blog. BYE.