Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning we woke up as the sun rose, getting our first view of the beautiful BVIs in the daytime. After a cereal breakfast, all of the boats gathered on the dock for Mike’s dock chat- a welcoming and briefing for our sailing adventure. After the introduction we had some time to relax on land, call home, or buy snacks and ice cream from one of the shops. Afterward, we boarded the boat and sailed to Norman Island. The waves picked up a bit as we left the harbor and we started learning various sailing knots and understanding how the sailboat works. After lunch, we had a swim test (8 laps around the boat in the clear blue water and ten minutes of treading water) and a check out dive. After gearing up, it was so nice to finally go underwater and practice our skills in such gorgeous water! We just finished dinner, and I’m excited for our days ahead.