Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Welcome back AQ parents! We started off our day with cornrows and pancakes. After a great morning, we headed out to Village Cay, Road Town, where we had the opportunity to purchase snacks, call our parents and chat with our fellow shipmates. Right after leaving the dock all of the dive side fleets lined up for our sail race to The Bight, Norman Island. I’m not going to say who won but I will say it was not us. Even though we did not get what we had hoped for we all had a great time jamming to music and dancing on the hard top during the sail. Once we got to The Bight, the staff had a meeting and the shipmates made dinner and took freshwater showers. Lastly, we gathered our thoughts and wrote our cards. Even though the night ended off on a sad note we all had an amazing day. Have a good day AQ parents.