Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

We woke to the songs from Moana and the fresh smell of French toast and Nutella. We were not excited to leave one of the most beautiful locations that we have been to, Muskmelon Bay, however, we were looking forward to the day to come. We had an enlightening navigation chat in the comfort of our air-conditioned salon. Later we prepared to sail by raising the anchor, 40/40ing our cabins, and taking clothes off the lifelines. We set sail around 10 AM and immediately started to practice our sailing techniques and thankfully we all passed our practical test. After a long four hour sail full of annoying each other and telling riddles on the water, we came upon Sandy Spit for a barbecue We all admitted that it was one of the most aesthetic places we have ever seen. Sandy Spit is full of clear and warm blue water, small islands, and a tiny sandy island where our barbecue will be hosted. Now we are all showering and preparing for our night at an unreal location.