Location: Marina Cay

Today was really a packed day filled with activity and movement. We started the day bright and early with a fast breakfast of cereal, as we had to be underway by 8 am. After motoring a few hours from Mountain Point where we spent the night, we arrived at Great Dog Island and dropped anchor. The remainder of the morning consisted of scuba diving, with the open water divers going on a fun dive with the advanced candidates honing their fish ID skills. After a lunch of ramen noodles on the boat, we set sail for Marina Cay. After an afternoon sail, we arrived at Marina Cay to fill up our fresh water tanks and anchor for the night. We then prepared a dinner of beef stroganoff, salad, and french fries, for which the director Mike joined us for. After dinner, we participated in a character building exercise with Mike and listened to a tape as part of Lifeworks. The day was certainly one packed with activity, and as always, was super fun!