Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

The musical morning started breezily. The wind ruffled the hair of each crew member as everyone enjoyed a breakfast of bagels and yogurt. Breakfast was cleaned up, and everyone slipped into their swimsuits. We started with kneeboarding, wakeboarding, and waterskiing. Sadly only half of us could go in the dinghies at a time, so the rest of us learned monkey’s fist knots while we waited. After about two hours we went Zesting. At one point there was a sailing chat. The crew came together for a lunch of grilled cheese. We shuttled over to Lascaris on Rango for scuba diving! After being divided into groups, everyone collected what they needed for their kit. We learned the giant stride entry from a boat. Each group completed confined water dives four and five. If there was time left they did a smaller short dive, and the instructor gave each one a skill to do. The crew met up once again and talked for a little, becoming more of a family than ever. After a while, the dinner of chicken caesar salad and risotto was devoured while listening to early 2000s rock. Dinner was cleaned up, and then the deckies cleaned up the mess. We then began to set up hammocks. One by one, people stuffed their mesh bags with laundry and piled it near the salon. The boat started to quiet down as everyone grew tired.