Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was a pretty fast day, but we had a lot of fun! First thing we did was various teamwork games, like a game that you are in a circle and you grab somebody with a hand and grab somebody else with the other, turning like a human knot which we had to figure out how to untie ourselves and your teammates, which was nearly impossible. For our second activity we went riding on the Pico, well me and Lucas and Duncan and Edgardo, the others didn’t want to participate. It ended up with me and Lucas getting to land no problem, but Duncan and Edgardo got stuck on the sea in a certain area for a while. After that we went swimming for ten minutes and got lunch. At lunch we ate fruit salad and mac and cheese, which was pretty good. When we got suntan lotion on we were ready for the third activity, which was sailing on a Hunter. On one boat it was Duncan, Cleo, Lucas, Cate, Richard, and Jack, and on the other boat there was Kiara, Santiago, Edgardo, Kordell, Mia, Liz, and Kat. We had fun because we discovered part of Jack’s life and we played the question game. Right now we are going to play charades.