Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today I woke up to big waves. Everybody was still asleep apart from the staff and Cole. We went to the bow to jump when the waves came we got soo much air. I got the pleasure of waking everybody up. We had a cereal breakfast then we arrived at the Rhone. David told us about how it was a royal mail steamship, it was one of those ships deemed unsinkable by the Royal Navy. Yet it still sank in 1867. We prepared our dive gear to complete the deep dive, which would mean we were finally advanced divers. We descended to a depth of 60-70 feet right as we reached the wreck we saw a black tipped shark, it was so amazing. Then we explored the rest of the bow. There was coral and fish all over the entire bow. Ada and I saw a very large porcupine fish. After our dive we went to take our sail test, then we went on a shorter hike with incredible views, and we saw the place where they buried the dead from the Rhone. We prepared for another dive at the stern of the Rhone, it was a shallower dive. We all went through a swim through which was amazing. There were fish everywhere as I swam through the wreck and a fish kept on bumping into me. After our dive we showered and Phoebe got rid of every knot in my extremely knotted hair- she has so much talent! We cleaned our rooms and now are preparing for dinner.