Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

After waking up to a beautiful sunrise and eating our breakfast, Happy Our set sail from Green Cay back to where this journey started in West End, Tortola. After docking, all of the shipmates were given back their phones and spending money for the next few hours. During this time, the students had the opportunity to call home, buy souvenirs, and in most cases, buy more snacks for the remaining few days of the trip. At the port, we were also joined by some of the boats from sail side allowing us to have some time socializing with people we can’t spend as much time with. Once all of the shipmates had returned to the boat, we sailed all the way to GHP. On the way, the Rescues reviewed for their EFR exam this evening while Dolphins prepared for their last project dive. When we arrived, Rescues moved to Pure Joy for a study session while Neptunes and Dolphins splashed for their dive. Afterwards, Dolphins finished off their projects and Rescues continued to study. We ate a brilliant breakfast for dinner. After the daily squeeze and dinner, the Rescues finally took their exam and the Dolphins and Neptunes had a study/project night. This relaxing evening was finished off with saltwater showers and then we all went to bed so that we would be well-rested for an exciting day tomorrow.