Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was our first race day! We woke up on the early side, the crew all motivated for what the day would bring. Soon after breakfast Gabe and I headed over to the skipper’s meeting to hear information about the morning race from Sandy Spit to West End. This race lasted a little over an hour as we finished a close second to Blue Tide. Prior to the race, we were labeled a heavy underdog, surprising other boats with our performance. Following the first race, we docked at West End, at the same dock we all met on 17 days ago when we arrived for AQ. We spent our two hours ashore at Pusser’s and a local coffee shop. After lunch we sailed to Peter Island, arriving just in time for a beautiful sunset. After a long day, we were rewarded with a Mexican night themed meal cooked by Charles and Santiago. After two early morning wakeups, we look forward to being able to sleep in tomorrow, something we have learned not to take for granted.