Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We started off the morning listening to our favorite tunes from the morning CD. You could feel the excitement and anticipation around the boat as we got ready for our day. Of course, racing of any kind could not happen before the most important meal of the day. As the final dish was put away, we briefed on where we were headed and then began the race. Unfortunately, we were having some difficulty with our head sails (jib sheet) and came in 7th. However, we shook off the race and went into shore at West End to stock up on food and other treats as well as lunch. We headed back to the boat with full bellies and we got ready to go. The five-minute mark rang and you could tell that we had this one in the bag. We had an amazing start and we succeeded! We came in 1st! I know that that was everyone’s favorite part of the day. After a long day, we are now preparing for a Mexican Fiesta! I am hoping that tomorrow will be as fun as today!