Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today started off quickly. Right after breakfast the skippers all came over to our boat to discuss the first sail race of the session. The finish line was about 45 minutes away at West End. Mary Jewell came in first. Our boat on the other hand was a little weighed down. Between the two dinghies and the air tanks, we were a bit slower. Right before the finish line we pulled in front of Spindrift, beating two boats. Doug betrayed us all today by joining another boat for the day, Mary Jewell. To make it up to us he allowed Madie to give him warrior paint on his face with purple zinc. We plan to wear it at our next race. In case you are wondering about the purple zinc it is used as an intense sunburn defense; it also looks really cool. After the race everyone got some shore time. Most of our boat enjoyed an amazing early lunch at Pusser’s, then did some shopping. Next we had a nice sail from West End to Peter Island to anchor for the night. Mexican night is tonight and everyone is pumped! Now we we get to look forward to diving the Rhone soon!