Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today is Day 14 and we’re still nonstop here on Happy Our. We woke up and ate breakfast before heading to the Pinnacles for an independent dive. The Dolphins collected data for their research project and the Neptunes had a fun dive. It was swelly and rainy, but the dive was still awesome. Jake and I saw a pufferfish and others saw lionfish. We had quesadillas for lunch, which were delicious. After lunch, we sailed over to Shark Point for another fun dive. This site had an awesome swim through, a huge lobster and a gnarly barracuda. After our second dive, we sailed over to Cane Garden Bay to refuel. We’ll stay here for the night because we’ll wake up early tomorrow morning for our hike up Mount Sage followed by “burgers in paradise”. I’m excited for dinner followed by a movie and even more excited for an awesome day tomorrow!