Location: West End, Tortola

As these three weeks draw to a close, we can’t believe how fast time has flown by what a whirlwind! We have sailed many miles, seen some breathtaking dive sites, and visited some of the most beautiful islands on earth. Most importantly, we have come together as a group and as a big happy family. We will miss everyone so much! Sophie’s infectious laugh, Colin’s hilarious faces, and Max’s gentle nature Chris’s sense of humor, Nico’s determination, and Pablo’s earnestness Everyone has brought their signature personality to the table, and it has been a beautiful journey. We will miss Hannah’s creativity, Sam’s little acts of kindness, Matteo’s ability to find humor in everything, and Devin’s inquisitive nature. We will miss Nick’s calming presence, and Eleana’s good will and mindfulness. Each and every crew member has made these days some of the best Portlandia has ever seen, and although we must part ways we are all ready to share our tales with loved ones back home. Fair winds and following seas Portlandians! date: Jul 28, 2017